A feast of Thai ingredients

We’ve supplied food ingredients from Thailand for decades – from dry to freeze-dried to high-quality red, green and yellow Thai pastes and herbs and spices such as freeze-dried kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, Thai chilli and galangal. We also work closely with some of Thailand’s major coconut producers to supply coconut in cans and larger industrial formats.

Our BRC-accredited partners offer adaptable facilities for product development and manufacturing to give you opportunities beyond traditional Thai products. We can supply pastes, minced and IQF frozen products in glass, cans and flow boxes, as well as RTD beverages and retorted doy food service pouches.

We can also source sauces and pickles such as Thai sweet chilli sauces and a range of ‘free from’ items to fulfil the ever-growing consumer demand for gluten and nut-free products.