Culinary herbs

At Barnes Williams, culinary herbs  are very much part of our heritage. We can offer a comprehensive range of air-dried products, as well as a number of freeze-dried.

Availability Name / Type Pack Size Code
Ready Basil HT 10kg BASIL01
Ready Bay Leaves Kibbled ST 15kg BAYLV04
Ready Ground Bay 15kg BAYPD02
Ready Coriander Leaf HT 10kg CORIA03
Stop Dill Tips AD (German) 12.8kg DILTP03
Ready Marjoram HT 10kg MARJM01
Ready Mixed Herbs 10kg HRBMX01
Ready Rubbed Oregano HT 10kg OREGA01
Ready Ground Oregano HT 20kg OREGA02
Ready Whole Leaf Mexican Oregano 5kg OREGA07
Ready Rubbed Parsley (UK) 3mm 10kg PARSL01
Ready Ground Parsley 25kg PARPD01
Stop Parsley Curly 3-6mm 10kg PARSL02
Ready Rosemary Cut 25kg ROSEM03
Stop Ground Rosemary 20kg RSMPD01
Ready Rubbed Sage ST 10kg SAGEL01
Ready Ground Sage ST 20kg SAGPD01
Ready Spearmint ST 10kg SPEAR02
Ready Thyme Leaves HT (Moroccan) 10kg THYME03
Ready Ground Thyme (Moroccan) 25kg TYMPD01
Ready Thyme Leaves ST (Polish) 10kg THYME06
Ready Ground Thyme (Polish) 25kg TYMPD02