Ingredients for Equine & Pet Products

Barnes Williams offers an extensive range of high quality animal and equine functional ingredients.

We are FEMAS accredited, giving our customers the reassurance of safety and quality when buying animal grade products.

Equine & Animal Ingredients
Availability Name / Type Pack Size Code
Ready Anise Seed Ground (ST) 25kg ANIPD01
Ready Basil 10kg BASIL01
Ready Black Pepper Cracked (HT) 18 # 25kg BLPGR01
Ready Cassia Ground (ST) 25kg CASPD01
Ready Celery Ground (HT) (Indian) 25kg CELPD01
Ready Celery Seeds (HT) (Indian) 25kg CELWH01
Ready Cochin Ginger Ground (HT) 25kg GINPD02
Ready Fennel Ground (HT) 25kg FENEL03
Ready Fennel Ground 25kg FENEL01CG
Ready Fenugreek Seed (ST) 25kg FENUS01
Ready Fenugreek Ground (ST) 25kg FENPD01
Ready Marjoram Cut (ST) 20kg AGMAR02CG
Ready Oregano Fines (ST) 11kg OREGA10CG
Ready Oregano Ground (ST) 20kg OREGA02
Ready Oregano Rubbed (ST) 10kg OREGA01
Ready Parsley Leaf Rubbed (3mm) 10kg PARSL01
Ready Rosemary Cut (HT) 10kg ROSEM03
Ready Sage Powder (ST) 20kg SAGPD01
Ready Sage Rubbed (ST) 25kg SAGEL01
Ready Spearmint (ST) 25kg SPEAR08CG
Ready Turmeric Ground (HT - Min.3% Curcumin) Valid IT 25kg TUMPD01
Availability Name / Type Pack Size Code
Ready Garlic Powder (Indian) 25kg GARPD02
Ready Garlic Powder Premium 25kg GARPD08
Ready Garlic Granules 5/8 Mesh 25kg GARGR12
Ready Garlic Granules 8/16 Mesh 25kg GARGR20CG
Ready Garlic Granules 8/16 Mesh - Premium Grade 25kg GARGR03
Availability Name / Type Pack Size Code
Ready Marigold Flower (ST) 10kg AGMAR03CG
Ready Marigold Powder (ST) 25kg AGMAR04CG
Ready Chamomile Flower (ST) 20kg CAMFL05CG
Ready Chamomile Powder (ST) 25kg CAMPD02
Availability Name / Type Pack Size Code
Ready Boswellia Powder (10% Boswellic Acid) 25kg BOSPD02
Ready Brewers Yeast 25kg YEAST02
Ready Chaste Tree Berries (ST) 25kg CHAST03