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In a nutshell

We are constantly sourcing and supplying food ingredients from all over the world to meet the ever-increasing demand for interesting and unique products by manufacturers and consumers. Take a trip through our World of Flavours for a taste of what we’ve discovered so far.

We work in partnership with major UK food manufacturers and up-and-coming businesses that consider us experts in the supply of single food ingredients such as garlic, onion, chilli, cooking herbs and spices and tomato.

From November 2020, we have become licensed to sell a range of Rainforest Alliance accredited spices from India.

One of our long-established partners in India is Rainforest Alliance accredited ensuring sustainable methods of farming are used. It is all about creating a better future for the world by changing the way we grow and use ingredients as well how we consume them.  For more details visit To see our range of Rainforest Alliance range, please visit our World of Flavours India.